Diablo IV breaks Activision Blizzard’s sales record by earning over $666M within just five days.

Activision Blizzard Inc (NASDAQ: ATVI), an American video game developer and publisher, announced that Diablo IV, a multiplayer role-playing game available on several platforms, has become its best-selling opening in its history. According to the company, Diablo IV reached a record $666 in sales in the first five days of its launch. The latest Diablo series has had its public beta running since March this year and the company felt confident in rolling it out to the general market on June 6.

Interestingly, the players of Sanctuary, the world in which Diablo is set, have already played more than 276 million hours, which represents over 30,000 hell years. The high interest in Diablo IV is a clear testament that the company’s developers and creators are well incentivized to build more engaging games. Moreover, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) intends to acquire Activision Blizzard for a whopping $70 billion, but the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is against the move for anti-competition purposes.

“Diablo IV is a result of our incredible teams working together to craft and support genre-defining games, build legendary worlds, and inspire memories that will last a lifetime. We’re humbled by the response, proud of the team, and remain committed to listening to our players and ensuring Diablo continues to exceed expectations for years to come,” Mike Ybarra, President of Blizzard Entertainment, noted.

Key Notes for Diablo IV and Activision Blizzard

Since the Diablo IV game launched, more than 276 billion demons have been killed, which represents approximately 35 times more than the global population. Reportedly, Diablo IV players have been defeated more than 316 million times. Over 5 million of those defeats were at the hands of the Butcher. Interestingly, about 163 Diablo IV players have made it to the maximum level in Hardcore mode, where deaths are permanent.

Welcome to Hell. 🔥 #DiabloIV is now available. pic.twitter.com/qGGryLBX25

— Diablo (@Diablo) June 6, 2023

Activision Blizzard was a few million close to breaking prior records in gaming opening sales. Back in 2013, Take-Two’s Grand Theft Auto V reported total sales of about $1 billion in three days. Five years later, the same company reported that its Red Dead Redemption crossed $725 million in sales within the first three days.

Nonetheless, Activision Blizzard continued to outperform in the digital entertainment industry with a market capitalization of about $63.44 billion. According to the latest stock market data, ATVI shares gained 7.8 percent last year and another 6.11 percent YTD.

The company is actively competing with Web3 Famifi projects that involve their players economically. As a result, Activision Blizzard’s stock market received an average price target of $91.14 from 23 ratings.

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