deBridge’s new feature enables Solana users to conveniently access any Ethereum-based blockchain.

A new feature developed by deBridge, a cross-chain bridge, will allow Solana users to easily access applications on other blockchains, and vice versa, at low fees. Alex Smirnov, CEO and co-founder of deBridge, shared this information with blockchain. According to Smirnov, this feature is the first of its kind that enables Solana users to access Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based blockchains, such as Arbitrum, without relying on derivative tokens or wrapped tokens, which pose a security risk.

Smirnov explained that the only interoperability solution available for the Solana ecosystem used to be Wormhole, but it had limitations and was not seamless. Users and projects that needed to transfer liquidity to Solana faced difficulties due to the lack of liquidity in Wormhole pools and high slippage during the exchange of wrapped assets. This often forced developers to work with non-liquid Wormhole assets.

deBridge’s new feature works by allowing any EVM smart contract to prepare on-chain instructions that are directly executed on Solana. Similarly, Solana programs can prepare messages to be sent to smart contracts on EVM chains. This is made possible through a collaboration with DLN Trade, a cross-chain exchange product by deBridge. DLN Trade utilizes a decentralized order book to enable direct trading between assets on different chains, without the limitations and risks of liquidity pools.

Liquidity pools are baskets of tokens locked on decentralized exchanges, which facilitate trading for those tokens in the open market. DLN Trade, on the other hand, relies on peer-to-peer liquidity for conducting trades, rather than relying on a liquidity pool.

For more information, you can read the article: “Cross-Chain Bridge deBridge Launches App for Trading Without Liquidity Pools.”

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