Dash (DASH) halved its block reward.

  • At block height 1,892,161, Dash reduced its block reward.
  • Dash reduces its block reward by 7.14% every 210,240 blocks, unlike Bitcoin’s halving that cuts block rewards in half.
  • Currently, the reward for a block is 2.3097 DASH and will reduce again in July 2024.

Dash’s block reward decreased after its halving at block height 1,892,161. Similar to Bitcoin, Dash cuts its block reward. However, instead of halving, Dash reduces the reward by 7.14% every 210,240 blocks.

With a block time of 2.5 minutes, DASH block reward reduction happens approximately every 365 days. The next halving is estimated to occur in the first week of July 2024, with the block reward set to reduce from 2.3097 DASH to 2.1448 DASH.

Dash block reward distribution

Block reward reduction affects what miners earn for processing transactions and securing the network, just like in other mining coins. Reducing the reward therefore has an impact on their overall profitability.

For example, ViaBTC informed miners that the reward would reduce from 1.05 to 0.98 DASH after Dash’s latest halving.

Miners and masternodes share 90% of the block reward, while 10% goes to the DASH Treasury DAO. Masternodes are essential to the network’s privacy feature (CoinJoin) and instant transactions (InstantSend).

Currently, miners and masternodes receive 42.3% and 57.7% of the block reward, respectively. Over time, the ratio is set to change in favor of the masternodes, reaching the 40:60 ratio by May 2025.

DASH’s “halving” happens approximately 40 days before Litecoin’s halving in August 2021. After that, the most anticipated block halving event will be Bitcoin’s, which is scheduled to happen in April 2024 (countdown down to about 308 days).

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