seeks US court’s support for upholding arbitration ruling on $50K sent in error.

Cryptocurrency exchange has filed a petition with a court in Florida to confirm a judgment in its favor. The judgment was reached through arbitration after the platform mistakenly transferred $50,000 into a user’s account.

According to the court filing on July 6, made an “erroneous deposit” of $50,000 into James Deutero McJunkins’ account in June 2022. The user did not appear to have earned the funds through trades or other activities. McJunkins immediately transferred the funds to an external bank account beyond’s jurisdiction and ignored repeated requests to return the money.

In October 2022, entered into arbitration to resolve the issue of the missing funds. The company claimed that McJunkins had committed civil theft and breached the contract related to his account. The arbitrator ruled in favor of and awarded them $76,391.46 in April 2023. This amount included the original $50,000 transaction, $1,786.11 in statutory interest, $21,205.35 in attorneys’ fees, and $3,400 in arbitration costs.

Although “won” the arbitration proceedings, the arbitrator did not have the authority to compel McJunkins to pay the exchange. As a result, the company had to seek resolution in federal court. The petition filed on July 6 requested the Florida court to confirm the arbitrator’s award and enter a final judgment in’s favor against McJunkins for the amount owed.

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This case is reminiscent of an incident that occurred between and two users based in Australia in May 2021. In that situation, the exchange reportedly transferred over $6 million to the couple’s account and did not discover the error until December 2021. The pair allegedly spent most of the funds, claiming they believed the money was a prize from the exchange. Australian authorities charged the two with theft, and the case is still ongoing.

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