Crypto lobbyists want to remove Tornado Cash sanctions.

The Blockchain Association and the DeFi Education Fund have shown their support for Coin Center’s lawsuit against the United States Treasury for imposing “unlawful” sanctions on Tornado Cash. The two cryptocurrency industry advocacy groups filed a joint amicus brief on June 2, arguing that the sanctions against the crypto mixer should be dropped. They claimed the sanctions were “both unprecedented and unlawful” and argued that OFAC lacks the statutory authority to sanction software like Tornado Cash. They pointed out that the core Tornado Cash software is not owned by anyone and cannot be sanctioned. The associations also argued that the sanctions infringe on the right to free speech and due process. They admitted that the protocol had been used for money laundering, mostly by North Korean-affiliated hackers, but also pointed to its less nefarious use of enhancing privacy on the Ethereum blockchain. The groups are seeking a legal prohibition on the enforcement of the sanctions by the courts.

It should be noted that in April, the same groups filed an amicus brief in support of a nearly identical lawsuit brought by six individuals against the Treasury Department over its Tornado Cash sanctions.

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