Crypto for Advisors: AI – Friend or Foe?

Crypto for Advisors: AI - Friend or Foe?

The Blockchain Industry: Trust in an AI-Driven World


New technology often brings a mix of excitement and fear. It has the potential to disrupt industries and change the status quo. Blockchain technology, in particular, has garnered much attention and investment, with its ability to provide secure and transparent records of data and transactions. However, it is essential to understand how this technology fits into the larger landscape of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this article, we will explore the intersection of blockchain and AI in the financial advisor industry, focusing on the importance of trust and authenticity in an AI-driven world.

The Impact of AI on the Financial Advisor Industry

As AI advancements continue to unfold, the financial advisor industry faces both opportunities and challenges. It is projected that over 300 million jobs worldwide will be affected by AI, with white-collar workers being the most at risk. While AI has the potential to automate various tasks and roles, it is interesting to note that the role of financial advisors is not targeted to be obsoleted by emerging technology.

Investors, on the other hand, will experience changes in demographics and gain access to more technology tools such as robo-advisors and AI-traded portfolios. Despite these advancements, the trusted relationship between advisors and their clients is expected to remain intact. However, it is crucial for financial advisors to embrace this disruption and adapt to the changing landscape.

The Importance of Authenticity in an AI-Driven World

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and financial advisors understand this all too well. Building trust takes time and effort, but it can be easily shattered. The rise of advanced AI poses a unique challenge to advisors’ authenticity. AI algorithms are becoming increasingly adept at emulating human conversation and behavior, blurring the line between real and artificial personas.

AI-powered chatbots, virtual influencers, and deepfake videos create an environment where it is difficult to discern what is genuinely human-generated and what is machine-fabricated. Online interactions rely on signals like profile photos, voices, and language to judge authenticity and good faith. However, AI can skillfully imitate these signals, raising concerns about the authenticity of online interactions.

The launch of tools like ChatGPT and the increasing prevalence of generative AI have raised awareness about the erosion of trust and authenticity. A survey by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards revealed that nearly one in three investors would consider using AI as their financial advisor. This poses a threat to wealth managers and raises concerns about the quality and appropriateness of AI-generated financial advice.

Blockchain as a Solution for Trust and Authenticity

To restore trust in an AI-driven world, financial advisors can turn to blockchain technology. The Bitcoin white paper released in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto emphasized trust as a fundamental pillar of the Bitcoin protocol. Blockchain provides decentralized and transparent records of data and transactions, allowing creators to prove authenticity and ownership of content.

Notably, blockchain technology aligns with the principles of Web3, the internet’s next phase emphasizing decentralization and transparent connections between creators and consumers. While this shift goes beyond the financial advisor landscape, financial services will need to adapt to this new paradigm. Blockchain technology can provide the necessary safeguards to ensure authenticity and integrity in an AI-driven world.

Blockchain’s Potential for Transforming Traditional Finance

Besides addressing trust and authenticity concerns, blockchain can revolutionize traditional finance in terms of efficiency and cost reduction. By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries and facilitating direct transactions, blockchain can significantly reduce transaction costs. The transparency and speed of blockchain transactions offer advantages over traditional payment methods, such as wires, which are slower and more expensive.

Furthermore, blockchain’s 24/7 availability and ability to quickly move assets make it an attractive alternative. While traditional payment systems like Venmo and CashApp are convenient for small transactions, blockchain’s benefits become more evident when dealing with larger amounts of money.

Integrating blockchain into traditional finance will take time, but the interest in digital currencies and the benefits they bring will drive further exploration and adoption. Tokenized U.S. Treasuries are already gaining traction, offering a glimpse of blockchain’s potential in transforming traditional financial products.


As the financial advisor industry navigates the AI-driven world, trust and authenticity remain key to success. AI advancements pose challenges, but opportunities abound for financial advisors who can leverage emerging technologies like blockchain to maintain trust with clients. By embracing blockchain’s decentralized and transparent nature, financial advisors can not only safeguard authenticity but also unlock efficiency gains in traditional finance. The blockchain industry, in conjunction with AI, has the potential to transform the financial advisor landscape, enabling more secure and trustworthy client interactions.

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