Crypto for 1000% gains in 2023?

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Bitcoin (BTC) had an increase of 4.49% yesterday, but it is currently down 1.48% in the past day, trading at $27,665. However, a recent report from crypto analytics firm Glassnode suggests that on-chain data shows Bitcoin could break $28,000 soon.

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin reached $28,462.73, but its volatility has prevented it from staying above $28,000.

The crypto market is waiting for Bitcoin’s next major move, but Glassnode identifies metrics to watch, such as the Short Term Holder’s unrealized profit/loss, which was recently at 1.0 and is now at 2.6.

The report states that Bitcoin’s trajectory depends on long-term supply trends. Long-term holders typically buy Bitcoin, though sometimes less.

More investment is likely medium-to-long-term, as the equilibrium is overstretched now.

Bitcoin’s ability to sustain a rally depends on global events. Interest rate increases in the U.S., U.K., and E.U. have been steady, correlating with stocks.

For $28,000 support and a robust rally, Bitcoin must decouple from stocks to grow independently.

Bitcoin achieving the $28,000 mark depends on its capacity to overcome significant barriers, including interest rate hikes and correlation with traditional stock markets.

If it can build its own momentum independent of external factors influencing investor sentiment, the premier digital currency will be well-positioned to establish $28,000 as a new support level.

While short-term corrections are inevitable, Bitcoin’s long-term outlook remains extremely bullish, especially as institutional interest builds and mainstream adoption increases.

However, the fact remains that the major cryptocurrency has already seen most of its gains, while other select cryptocurrencies hold the potential for exponential growth still. Cryptocurrencies such as WSM and ECOTERRA have the potential to surge by over 1000% in 2023.

Wall Street Memes and the Potential of Meme Coins and NFTs to Spread Virally

The cryptocurrency market is always full of surprises, and the Wall Street Memes ($WSM) token is one of its recent launches. Its value has already surpassed its initial coin offering price due to strong demand.

The Wall Street Memes team previously generated significant profits from minting and selling 10,000 limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in under an hour last year. They have an established social media following of over 1 million users, which helped facilitate the quick sellout, demonstrating the power of community connections in crypto.

Their goal in developing the $WSM token is for it to rise above Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and all other meme coins, cementing its status as the leading community-driven cryptocurrency. They believe their extensive reach and engaged following in finance and investing circles will propel the $WSM token to mainstream popularity and success. Listing on top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance would gain further visibility and interest.

The Wall Street Memes project originated from the “meme stocks mania” in early 2021 where groups of retail investors coordinated to drive up stock prices. The movement demonstrated the power of decentralized individuals united by a shared goal, and the creators now aspire to infuse that ethos into the crypto space through the $WSM token.

The team describes Wall Street Memes as “tokenizing the movement” of individuals empowering themselves financially. They believe that purchasing the $WSM token is a way for people to symbolically push back against institutions and governments that generally favor the interests of whales and Wall Street elites over everyday individuals.

The team sees cryptocurrency as a means of making finance more democratic and creating opportunities for a wider range of people.

While the team doesn’t use hype and buzzwords often used to promote digital assets, their vision and goals for the project are clear.

In line with their goal of empowering individuals, 100% of the $WSM token supply is allocated for the community. The team has reserved no portion of the tokens for themselves.

Half of the supply is available for purchase in the presale, 30% will be distributed as rewards to token holders, and 10% each will provide liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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Green Web3 Project ecoterra Onboards Big Brands, Raises $4.35 Million

The green cryptocurrency project ecoterra tackles the global waste problem through technology and has added beverage giants such as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, and Evian to its recycling rewards system.

People can earn crypto for scanning and recycling their bottles via ecoterra’s database of scannable products.

This brand integration significantly strengthens ecoterra’s existing framework, which promotes environmentally-friendly behaviors through its Recycle-to-Earn model.

The project will facilitate recycling, allow offsetting carbon footprints, and track environmental impact using blockchain technology.

The ecoterra token presale has raised over $4.45 million so far, showing support for web3 projects focused on sustainability and climate change solutions.

With its low presale token price of $0.0085 and plan to list on major exchanges at $0.01 later this year, interested participants have a chance to earn significant gains if the project fulfills its potential.

ecoterra finds allies in environmentally-conscious users and businesses working to demonstrate ecological responsibility.

The initiative makes it possible to track and offset the environmental effects of individuals and corporations.

The $ECOTERRA token powers the ecoterra platform, giving it inherent utility. A future staking program will allow token holders to earn rewards, adding further use beyond expected market valuation increases.

The total $ECOTERRA supply is capped at 2 billion, with half available in the presale. The project allocated 20% for platform liquidity, 10% for listings and marketing, and 5% for team members – significantly less than many crypto presale projects.

The team’s restricted allocation motivates long-term thinking, focusing on $ECOTERRA price growth through platform development and adoption rather than short-term hype.

With a promise to positively impact the planet, drive recycling, and allow environmental footprint tracking, ecoterra is an interesting project demonstrating one potential intersection of cryptocurrency and climate-focused technology.

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Looking Ahead: Memes, DeFi, Green Coins, and the Year of Impact

While Bitcoin seeks to establish $28,000 as a new support level, the broader crypto market offers emerging opportunities.

Projects like Wall Street Memes and ecoterra demonstrate the potential for substantial returns and real-world impact.

With a vision for empowering individuals and tackling environmental challenges using blockchain, these web3 initiatives could surge over 1000% in 2023 if they achieve mainstream adoption and success.

Wall Street Memes and ecoterra are tapping their social networks and brand collaborations to widely share their vision, ultimately looking to drive significant gains for those who support them in their early stages.

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