chosen as PayPal USD (PYUSD) exchange chosen as PayPal USD (PYUSD) exchange Partners with Paxos and PayPal: Expanding the Crypto Frontier

In a significant move for the blockchain industry, cryptocurrency exchange has recently announced a strategic partnership with payment giant PayPal and leading stablecoin issuer Paxos. The primary objective of this collaboration is to establish as the go-to cryptocurrency exchange for PayPal’s USD stablecoin, PYUSD.

Building a Strong Foundation has already listed the PYUSD stablecoin on its platform and made it available to both retail and institutional investors. With the deepest liquidity for PYUSD trading pairs worldwide, is poised to solidify its position as the leading exchange for PYUSD transactions.

This partnership is not just a win for but also a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology. Joe Anzures, SVP and GM, Americas and Global Head of Payment Partnerships at, expressed his excitement, stating, “PayPal has been a true pioneer in the digital commerce evolution, and Paxos is a market-leading issuer of stablecoins. We are tremendously excited to team up with them to collectively advance the crypto frontier.”

Expanding the and PayPal Partnership

This latest development marks an expansion of the already flourishing collaboration between and PayPal. Their previous partnerships already allowed customers to use PayPal to top up their Visa Card, enhancing convenience for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and increasing the adoption of digital assets.

PayPal’s entrance into the cryptocurrency market has been notable. The recent launch of its PYUSD stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain, pegged to the US Dollar, showcases PayPal’s commitment to tapping into the potential of blockchain technology.

Notably, PayPal has also introduced a crypto-for-USD conversion service, simplifying the process of converting cryptocurrencies to and from USD for its users. This demonstrates their dedication to offering a seamless experience for crypto enthusiasts and further legitimizing cryptocurrency as a mainstream financial tool.

Implications on the Blockchain Industry

The partnership between, Paxos, and PayPal will have a far-reaching impact on the blockchain industry. It signifies the merging of traditional finance with the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, which has the potential to transform the financial landscape.

With PayPal’s extensive network of consumers and merchants, this collaboration will elevate the accessibility of cryptocurrencies, making them more widely available to the general public. Additionally,’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to connecting more than 80 million users to the latest crypto developments will contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technology and its related applications.


The strategic partnership between, PayPal, and Paxos marks a milestone in the development of the blockchain industry. As becomes the primary exchange for PayPal’s USD stablecoin, the foundation for a more inclusive and accessible crypto ecosystem is being laid. This collaboration not only showcases the transformative power of blockchain technology but also expands the reach of cryptocurrencies to a wider audience. With this collective effort to advance the crypto frontier, the blockchain industry is set to experience accelerated growth and innovation.

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