Developers Propose Zero Inflation for Cosmos Native Token ATOM

ATOM serves as the primary cryptocurrency in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Developers of the Cosmos blockchain are suggesting a decrease in the inflation rate of its native cryptocurrency, ATOM.

📷Cosmos, the popular inter-blockchain communications (IBC) protocol, is considering a proposal to decrease the inflation rate of its native token, ATOM. The developers behind the protocol are looking to reduce the minimum inflation rate of ATOM to 0% in order to address concerns raised by the community. Currently, the inflation rate of ATOM ranges from 7% to 20%. If the proposal is passed, the inflation rate will be either 0% or 20%.

The proposal, put forth by StakeLab, a staking and relaying hub on the Cosmos ecosystem, highlights the need to align the inflation rate with other functioning blockchain models. StakeLab emphasizes that the current minimum inflation rate of 7% implies that even if 100% of the token supply were staked, the network would continue to produce an additional 7% of tokens annually. This situation raises concerns and is not in line with the norms of other successful blockchain models.

To address these concerns, StakeLab suggests that the community should explore transferring protocol revenue from emerging Cosmos consumer chains to ATOM stakers instead of issuing tokens outright. If the revenue from consumer chains becomes substantial, it may not make sense to maintain a 7% annual emission rate. This proposal aims to create a more sustainable and balanced tokenomics model for ATOM.

While the proposal has sparked a lively discussion within the community, some users worry that a 0% inflation rate may discourage current ATOM stakers and impact the ecosystem. These users point out that other chains based on Cosmos SDK, such as DYDX and Kava, have already implemented a 0% inflation rate. However, DYDX currently has around 7% staked, while Kava has 12%. This highlights the importance of carefully evaluating the potential consequences of reducing the inflation rate.


Q: What is the current inflation rate of ATOM? A: The inflation rate of ATOM currently ranges from 7% to 20%. The proposal aims to reduce it to either 0% or 20%.

Q: Why is reducing the inflation rate important? A: The current minimum inflation rate of 7% raises concerns and doesn’t align with other successful blockchain models. By reducing the inflation rate, Cosmos aims to create a more sustainable and balanced tokenomics model.

Q: How will Cosmos address the concerns raised by the proposal? A: StakeLab suggests exploring the transfer of protocol revenue from emerging Cosmos consumer chains to ATOM stakers, rather than issuing tokens outright. This would ensure a more viable ecosystem and potentially reduce the need for a 7% annual emission rate.

Q: What are some potential consequences of a 0% inflation rate? A: While it may create a more attractive environment for new investors, some current ATOM stakers might be discouraged by the lack of potential rewards. It’s important to carefully evaluate the impact on the ecosystem and tokenomics.

Analyzing the Future Outlook

Reducing the inflation rate of ATOM is a significant step in shaping the future of the Cosmos ecosystem. By aligning with more established blockchain models, Cosmos aims to create a sustainable and attractive environment for stakeholders.

A potential advantage of a 0% inflation rate is the increased desirability for new investors. With no new tokens entering circulation, the existing supply becomes scarcer, potentially driving up the token’s value. This could attract more attention to Cosmos and encourage more individuals and institutions to invest in ATOM.

However, it’s crucial to consider the potential impact on existing ATOM stakers. These stakeholders have actively supported and participated in the Cosmos ecosystem under the assumption of receiving rewards for their staking activities. A sudden reduction in the inflation rate might discourage their continued participation and impact the overall health of the ecosystem.

To mitigate this concern, Cosmos should consider alternative reward mechanisms that provide incentives for stakers. This could include exploring revenue sharing from emerging consumer chains or introducing additional benefits for long-term stakers to maintain their engagement and commitment.

In conclusion, the proposal to reduce the inflation rate of ATOM showcases Cosmos’ commitment to creating a sustainable and successful ecosystem. While the community engages in discussions about the potential consequences, it is essential to find a balance that rewards both existing and new participants. By carefully weighing the options, Cosmos can position itself as a leading blockchain platform with a thriving ecosystem.

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