Coinbase to become a ‘super-app,’ according to Brian Armstrong.

The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, has not been affected by recent regulatory pressure from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC recently filed a lawsuit against the exchange, which has caused uncertainty in the crypto markets. However, Armstrong still sees great potential for the digital ecosystem.

Armstrong spoke at Coinbase’s State of Crypto Summit and noted that most people only see crypto as an asset class for trading and speculation. However, he believes that crypto has many more use cases. Armstrong cited the recent involvement of traditional financial services firms like BlackRock and Fidelity in the industry as an encouraging paradigm shift. Coinbase aims to become a “super-app” over the next 5 to 7 years, similar to AliPay and WeChat, which provide a wide range of services to users.

A decentralized application (dApp) is similar to digital apps found on mobile phones, but it has features consistent with blockchain technology. By decentralizing, dApps create a digital space where peer-to-peer services can be carried out without users having to worry about organizations having access to their private data.

Despite the recent lawsuit against Coinbase, Armstrong remains positive and optimistic about the future of the industry.

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