Coco, a crypto casino focused on memecoins, has a successful debut with $36M in volume.

Coco, a crypto casino focused on memecoins, has a successful debut with $36M in volume.

The Rise of Coco: Exploring the Booming Blockchain Casino Industry

The blockchain industry is no stranger to innovation and constant growth. Recently, a new player has emerged in the field, capturing the attention of crypto enthusiasts and traders worldwide. Coco, a crypto casino inspired by the popular Milady NFT project, has made its debut on the Ethereum blockchain, sparking a wave of excitement. In the first 12 hours since its release, the platform has witnessed an astounding transaction volume of $36 million, according to etherscan data.

An Introduction to Coco

Coco’s native token, aptly named COCO, has skyrocketed to 8 cents, resulting in a market capitalization of $8.8 million. The token’s rapid increase in value has attracted considerable interest, leading to its listing on the renowned crypto exchange Poloniex. This development further solidifies Coco’s position as a promising player in the blockchain casino industry.

The Appeal of Blockchain Casinos

As the wider crypto market experiences moments of stagnation and a lack of volatility, crypto traders and enthusiasts often seek alternative avenues for both entertainment and financial gain. This has led to a surge in popularity for on-chain betting platforms, with Coco’s success being a prime example. The recent phenomenon of “hamster racing” exemplifies the adoption of such platforms, as individuals seek engaging and potentially lucrative experiences within the blockchain ecosystem.

Games and Features

Coco’s casino hosts a variety of captivating games that cater to diverse interests. Inspired by the Milady NFT project, the platform offers a slot machine that immerses players in the world of digital art and creativity. Additionally, Coco features another slot machine highlighting popular memecoins such as pepe (PEPE) and dogecoin (DOGE), showcasing the synergy between blockchain and internet culture. For players who prefer a more traditional experience, Coco offers three casino table games, including blackjack, baccarat, and casino hold’em.

“Provably Fair” Gaming

Coco sets itself apart as a “provably fair” casino, providing a transparent and reliable gaming environment for its users. Each game generates a seed and reveals its hash using the secure SHA256 algorithm. This seed is created before each game, ensuring that no tampering can occur during the gameplay. This commitment to fairness and integrity enhances the trust between Coco and its players, fostering a thriving community within the blockchain casino industry.

The Rising Stars: Coco and Rollbit

While Coco has garnered substantial attention, it is worth mentioning another rising star in the stable market this month. Rollbit, a popular crypto casino, has also experienced remarkable growth. In a testament to its success, the native token of Rollbit, RLB, has surged from 2 cents to 7 cents. This impressive growth reflects the increasing demand for blockchain casinos as they offer unique and exciting opportunities in an otherwise stagnant crypto market.


The advent of Coco and Rollbit is an exciting development within the blockchain industry. These blockchain casinos have successfully captured the attention of traders and enthusiasts alike, providing an innovative and secure platform for both entertainment and potential financial gain. As the blockchain ecosystem continues to evolve and diversify, the casino industry within it is set to become a prominent arena for technological innovation and immersive experiences. With their “provably fair” gaming mechanisms, Coco and Rollbit are leading the way in creating a trustworthy and rewarding environment for players worldwide.

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