Chinese AI project Zhipu receives significant funding from Meituan.

Chinese AI project Zhipu receives significant funding from Meituan.

Zhipu AI: A Promising Challenger in the Blockchain Industry

The blockchain industry is constantly evolving, with new players emerging to challenge the dominance of established giants. One such contender is Zhipu AI, a Chinese startup that aims to revolutionize the artificial intelligence (AI) space. Recently, Zhipu AI received a significant boost in its bid to challenge OpenAI’s dominance, thanks to funding from China’s food supply giant, Meituan.

The Rise of Zhipu AI

Zhipu AI has quickly become one of the most promising projects in China’s AI landscape. A Meituan subsidiary has acquired a 10% stake in Zhipu AI’s affiliate, solidifying their partnership and providing the startup with much-needed funding. While the exact amount remains undisclosed, Zhipu AI hinted at raising “hundreds of million yuan” in a Series B round last September, with notable investors such as Qiming Venture Partners, Legend Capital, and Tsinghua Holdings participating.

Building Dominant Large Language Models (LLMs)

Since OpenAI’s launch in 2015, Chinese companies have been striving to develop large language models (LLMs) that can rival their Western counterparts. Zhipu AI has emerged as a frontrunner in this race. The company recently made waves by open-sourcing its bilingual conversational AI model, ChatGLM-6B. This model, trained on six billion parameters, can perform inferences on a single consumer-grade graphics card, significantly reducing the cost of running an LLM.

To further solidify its position, Zhipu AI previously open-sourced another model, the GLM-130B. With an impressive training on 130 billion parameters, this model is a robust and versatile variant. Zhipu AI’s user-facing chatbot app, ChatGLM, is currently in its beta phase, demonstrating the startup’s commitment to creating practical and user-friendly applications.

The Vision of Zhipu AI

Zhipu AI was founded in 2019 as a groundbreaking initiative by Tsinghua University, one of China’s most prestigious institutions. Led by Tang Jie, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Zhipu AI aims to push the boundaries of AI and blockchain technology. By leveraging the power of large language models, the startup seeks to enhance communication, decision-making, and problem-solving capabilities across various industries.

The Implications for the Blockchain Industry

Zhipu AI’s advancements in large language models have significant implications for the blockchain industry. By reducing the cost of running an LLM, Zhipu AI makes AI-powered applications more accessible to businesses of all sizes. This democratization of AI technology can unlock new opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Furthermore, Zhipu AI’s open-source approach promotes transparency and knowledge sharing within the blockchain community. By making their models available to the public, Zhipu AI encourages developers and researchers to build upon their work, fostering a culture of collaboration and accelerating the pace of technological advancements.


Zhipu AI’s partnership with Meituan and its groundbreaking large language models demonstrate its potential to challenge the dominance of established players in the blockchain industry. With their innovative approach and commitment to open-source development, Zhipu AI is poised to shape the future of AI and blockchain technology. As the industry continues to evolve, it is exciting to witness how Zhipu AI will contribute to the transformation of various sectors and drive advancements in the field.

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