BTS revisits 10-year-old video of buying $1 worth of Bitcoin.

Davinci Jeremie, a crypto supporter, had expected to be a hero in his community after advocating for Bitcoin (BTC) and encouraging them to buy at least $1 worth of it 10 years ago, but things did not go as he planned.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Jeremie shared his story of discovering Bitcoin (BTC), his community’s initial perceptions of the cryptocurrency, and his thoughts on what could help onboard more people into Bitcoin.

As the crypto influencer explains, it all began over a decade ago when a member of his community introduced him to BTC and asked him to look into it. At first, Jeremie, who is also a software developer, believed it was a scam due to the “unsolvable” double-spending problem. He said:

“I said: ‘Okay, I’m gonna read the source code since I’m a software developer, and tell you how it’s a big scam.’ Read the source code, read the white paper and realized: Oh, no. This is not a scam.”

After researching BTC and realizing it may be a solution to a major issue in the monetary system, he created a trending video encouraging his community to purchase at least $1 worth of BTC. However, the response was not what he expected. Rather than being grateful for the information, his community thought he was crazy for suggesting they invest in BTC.

“Once in a while, something comes along that makes poor people rich because they got it really really cheap. This was one of them. I thought I was gonna be the hero to my community, but no, they thought I was crazy. They actually thought I was losing my mind,” he said.

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Despite many missing out on the opportunity to buy BTC at that price, Jeremie believes it’s not too late to enter the crypto market. According to the influencer, only 2% of the population currently holds Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH). However, the problem is that people want to have the entire thing. He explained:

“Everybody wants to have a whole Bitcoin. Nobody wants to go into a store and say: ‘Can I get 1/100,000,000th of an apple?’ They want the whole thing. So, although Bitcoin is divisible, the visibility is part of its Achilles heel.”

The software developer suggested that a Satoshi-based Bitcoin wallet that displays balances differently might be optimal. He believes that showing people that “for a whole dollar you could get a few 100,000 Bitcoin Satoshis” could potentially attract more people. “It’s not as appealing to have that decimal spaces than a whole Bitcoin,” he added.

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