BTC price stays below $31,000 amidst Binance.US discount and USD withdrawal concerns.

There is an article discussing the current trading discount of Bitcoin on the Binance.US exchange. This discount has been observed since June 22 and coincides with an announcement made by Binance US on the same day, hinting at a potential discontinuation of USD withdrawals in the near future. As a result, users facing concerns over USD withdrawals opt to sell their Bitcoin at a discounted price to access their funds, resulting in the BTC/USD pair on Binance.US trading at approximately a $1,000 discount compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. The trading discount on Binance.US and concerns over USD withdrawals have had an impact on the price of Bitcoin, as users navigate alternative options to access their funds.

The article also provides information on the current price of Bitcoin and its live market capitalization. Additionally, it discusses a potential minor correction in Bitcoin’s price as it faces significant resistance around the $31,000 level, which is reinforced by the formation of a double-top pattern. The article also offers support and resistance levels for Bitcoin’s price and suggests that both the RSI and MACD indicators are presently holding in the overbought, suggesting chances of a bearish correction. Finally, the article presents a list of the top 15 cryptocurrencies to watch in 2023.

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