Braiscompany crypto fraud suspects arrested in Argentina.

Three people suspected of committing crypto fraud in Brazil were detained as they tried to flee to Argentina. The arrests were made as part of an investigation into Braiscompany, a company that has been accused of running a “crypto pyramid scheme”. In March, several people were filmed emptying Braiscompany’s São Paulo premises in the middle of the night. In May, Brazilian police issued arrest warrants for some of the company’s employees. Executives from the firm also fled the country as police launched Operation Halving. The Brazilian police issued an official announcement explaining that the three people were caught in Foz do Iguaçu, on the Brazil-Argentina border. Two of them were identified as Arthur and Sabrina Lima, a married couple who had been on the run from Brazilian authorities since a court issued an arrest warrant last month.

What Is Alleged Brazilian Crypto Fraud Firm Braiscompany?

Braiscompany was a “brokerage” firm that emerged during the pandemic and was accused of running a “crypto pyramid scheme”. Reports suggest that it offered investors monthly returns of up to 8% for fiat or Bitcoin deposits. Investors were encouraged to recruit others to the scheme in return for higher rewards. However, investors complained that they were unable to withdraw funds from the platform and earlier this year, the firm appeared to have collapsed, with its executives fleeing with an estimated $160m worth of customer funds. The Brazilian police believe that Arthur Lima played a key role in the company and produced videos to promote it. They also believe that he acted as a “special advisor” to the alleged ringleader, Antônio Neto. The police sought assistance from Paraguayan and Argentine authorities, knowing that the fugitives would try to enter foreign territory. Customs officers on the Argentine side of the border apprehended the trio on the Tancredo Neves International Bridge. Two of them were returned to Brazil, while the third is still being held as Argentine officers await the conclusion of bureaucratic procedures before handing the individual over to their Brazilian counterparts. Neto and Fabrícia Campos, another key Braiscompany figure, are still on the run.

Last week, a member of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies asked Guilherme Haddad, the head of Binance Brazil, to attend the Brazilian Parliament for questioning as part of its own investigation into alleged crypto pyramid schemes.

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