Blockchain pioneer acquires fashion house Blk DNM.

Stockholm, Sweden, June 7th, 2023, Chainwire

ChromaWay, a blockchain technology company headquartered in Stockholm, has acquired the well-known Swedish-American fashion brand BLK DNM. This acquisition is aligned with the recent relaunch of BLK DNM as a modern, community-driven fashion house. ChromaWay aims to create positive behavioral change, fairer access, and more control by users within traditional industries.

  • ChromaWay’s blockchain capabilities will be integrated into BLK DNM’s strategy and products, marking the first meaningful use of the tech in fashion.
  • BLK DNM will pioneer ‘connected fashion’ and inspire more responsible behaviors in the industry.
  • The first tech innovations will be announced ahead of BLK DNM’s F/W 2023 collections reveal.

First innovations to be revealed in BLK DNM’s F/W 2023:

ChromaWay’s blockchain capabilities will be integrated into both BLK DNM’s brand and products, making BLK DNM a pioneer of ‘connected fashion’ – the use of technology to create community and responsibility within fashion – heralding the first significant use of blockchain tech in an industry yet to be meaningfully impacted by Web3 technologies.

BLK DNM will reveal the first tranche of technological innovations built on ChromaWay’s ‘Chromia’ relational blockchain in the coming weeks. This will include software- and hardware-based innovations built into BLK DNM’s F/W 2023 collections, underpinned by the ethical and communal concept of ‘connected fashion.’

Toni Collin, CEO of BLK DNM, and Henrik Hjelte, CEO and Co-founder of ChromaWay

Henrik Hjelte, CEO and Co-founder of ChromaWay, says: “BLK DNM is a brand with an ethical mission and decentralization in its soul – it’s something of a borderless community already. It was a natural fit for our aspirations to transform the fashion industry through innovation. BLK DNM’s imminent tech rollout will illustrate the power of our blockchain capabilities to create true behavioral change in an industry that has hitherto struggled to control its problematic environmental impact and embrace progress.”

Toni Collin, CEO of BLK DNM, says: “Our industry must start looking toward innovation: fast fashion’s environmental impact is totally unacceptable, and at the same time, as the world becomes more digitized, the concept of community is changing. That’s why BLK DNM joining ChromaWay is so exciting. The potential of this technology to create genuine change in fashion is evident, but no one else in the industry is using it in a meaningful way yet. Together, BLK DNM and ChromaWay are building something truly unique and groundbreaking. We will be able to reveal the first innovations very soon.”

About ChromaWay

ChromaWay is a blockchain technology company that specializes in creating and deploying cutting-edge, scalable blockchain solutions for businesses and governments. The company, established in 2014 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, has been at the forefront of driving the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Its flagship product, relational blockchain Chromia, enables developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) with a relational database model that offers unprecedented scalability and flexibility.


BLK DNM is a Swedish-American fashion brand that specializes in timeless tailoring, leather, and denim of extraordinary quality. Following its 2023 relaunch as an entry-luxury fashion house under the stewardship of new Creative Director Jessy Heuvelink, BLK DNM’s focus on enduring craftsmanship and aesthetic timelessness encourages customers to love and treasure each item for decades and across generations.


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