Bitget Adds ZKF to its Innovation Zone: A Crypto Gem for the Community

Chainwire Bitget Announces Addition of ZKF, ZKfair's Native Token, to Innovation Zone on January 4th, 2024 in Victoria, Seychelles - Leading Crypto Exchange Continues Growth with Web3 Company, Facilitating Trade on Layer 2

Bitget has added ZKfair (ZKF), a community-owned Layer 2 solution, to its Innovation Zone on


Victoria, Seychelles, January 4th, 2024, Chainwire – Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, is proud to announce the listing of ZKF, the native token of ZKfair, in its Innovation Zone. As a community-run project, ZKfair brings innovation to the Ethereum landscape by combining various blockchain solutions. This exciting addition allows users to trade ZKF on the Bitget platform and grab a share of 28,000,000 ZKF through ongoing Launchpool promotions.

Discovering ZKfair: Where Fairness Meets Innovation 🌀

ZKfair stands out as an avant-garde initiative in the Ethereum world, leveraging the cutting-edge fusion of different blockchain technologies. It proudly identifies as the first community ZK-L2 (Zero-Knowledge Layer 2) project based on Polygon CDK and powered by Lumoz, a ZK-RaaS (Zero-Knowledge as a Service) provider. By utilizing the stablecoin USDC as the gas token and ensuring EVM compatibility, ZKfair offers a unique and fair experience to its users.

Prioritizing Fairness: A People-Driven Movement

ZKfair is a community-driven Layer 2 network that empowers various ZK projects within the community. As an experimental Layer 2 solution, it prioritizes fairness to the extreme, challenging the notion that capital-driven initiatives are inherently superior to people-driven movements. By embracing collective discussions and fostering a sense of community ownership, ZKfair aims to push the boundaries of what is possible in the blockchain space.

Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget, shared her excitement about this partnership, stating, “At Bitget, we focus on delivering better access and opportunities to invest in high-potential projects through our Innovation Zone. With over 600+ tokens, our ecosystem encompasses one of the most diverse offerings from the Bitcoin ecosystem to Ethereum’s DeFi landscape. We’re providing a seamless way to explore crypto gems.”

Bitget’s Innovation Zone: The Gateway to Crypto Gems 💎

Bitget’s Innovation Zone is designed to bring better accessibility to high-potential projects. By listing trending tokens, it grants users exceptional access to highly valuable digital assets within the industry. The addition of ZKF to the Innovation Zone makes it even easier for users to dive into the initial launch phases of the token, as well as future high-potential crypto projects.

The Innovation Zone focuses on the trading of new token offerings. Upon listing, each token undergoes a 60-day valuation period. Bitget regularly reviews the performance of newly listed tokens to ensure they meet platform standards, including trading volume, liquidity, team strength, project development, and other crucial criteria.

Seamless Integration with Bitget Wallet

In addition to the listing on the Bitget platform, ZKfair has also formed an integration partnership with Bitget Wallet (formerly known as BitKeep Wallet). Users can now create and import their ZKFair accounts directly through the Bitget Wallet mobile app and browser extension. This integration provides users with a comprehensive suite of Web3 solutions, such as managing on-chain assets, performing transfers, and interacting with ecosystem DApps, all from the convenience of their wallet.

About Bitget: Trade Smarter, Embrace Crypto ✨

Founded in 2018, Bitget has become the go-to platform for cryptocurrency trading and Web3 solutions. With over 20 million users across 100+ countries and regions, Bitget is dedicated to helping users trade smarter and providing them with innovative features like copy trading. Bitget Wallet, a world-class multi-chain crypto wallet, offers a wide range of comprehensive Web3 solutions, including wallet functionality, swap, NFT Marketplace, DApp browser, and more. Bitget has also made significant collaborations with notable partners, including the legendary Argentinian footballer Lionel Messi and official eSports events organizer PGL.

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Q&A: Addressing Additional Topics

Q: What sets ZKfair apart from other Layer 2 solutions? A: ZKfair distinguishes itself by being a community-driven initiative that prioritizes fairness. While other Layer 2 solutions may focus solely on technological advancements, ZKfair aims to prove that people-driven movements can outperform capital-driven initiatives. By fostering collective discussions and empowering various ZK projects, ZKfair pushes the boundaries of innovation in the blockchain space.

Q: How does Bitget ensure the quality of tokens listed in the Innovation Zone? A: Bitget maintains the highest standards for tokens listed in the Innovation Zone. Each newly listed token undergoes a thorough 60-day valuation period to assess its trading volume, liquidity, team strength, project development, and other important criteria. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure that the listed tokens continue to meet Bitget’s platform standards.

Q: Can I use Bitget Wallet to manage my ZKFair assets? A: Yes, you can. Bitget Wallet (formerly BitKeep Wallet) has integrated with the ZKFair community network, allowing users to create and import their ZKFair accounts via the wallet’s mobile app and browser extension. With Bitget Wallet, you can easily manage your on-chain assets, perform transfers, and interact with ecosystem DApps.

The Future Outlook: A World of Possibilities 🚀

The addition of ZKF to Bitget’s platform and the integration with Bitget Wallet further demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing users with access to high-potential projects. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, innovations like ZKfair are pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the blockchain. By embracing community-driven initiatives and prioritizing fairness, the industry is moving towards a more inclusive and decentralized future.

Investors and traders should keep an eye on the developments within the ZKfair ecosystem as it explores new opportunities and challenges the traditional capital-driven models. The integration with Bitget Wallet offers a seamless experience for managing ZKFair assets, making it even easier to participate in this innovative project.

In conclusion, Bitget’s listing of ZKF in its Innovation Zone and integration with Bitget Wallet mark another milestone in the crypto industry’s journey towards greater accessibility and innovation. By embracing community-driven initiatives and prioritizing fairness, Bitget is leading the way in empowering users to explore crypto gems and trade smarter.

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