Bitcoin’s creator is now an AI chatbot named Satoshi Nak-AI-moto.

Two artificial intelligence enthusiasts have created an AI chatbot called “Talk2Satoshi” that allows users to chat with the legendary Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Although Nakamoto disappeared over 12 years ago, the chatbot is designed to answer questions about Bitcoin and economics as if they came from Nakamoto himself. The model is essentially OpenAI’s ChatGPT trained on a limited data set that includes Nakamoto’s public emails and forum posts, as well as other sources such as books and films related to Bitcoin. The chatbot’s responses are typically optimistic about Bitcoin and uncertain about the future of fiat currencies, but it can provide conflicting answers depending on the question. While the bot can generate competent responses to questions about Bitcoin and its workings, it is still shy about revealing its true identity and simply emphasizes the potential of Bitcoin to revolutionize financial systems.

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