Bitcoin speculators may sell past $33K due to a warning from a BTC price metric.

The analytics firm Glassnode has warned that Bitcoin (BTC) may experience a “market correction” if the price exceeds $33,000. In their weekly newsletter, The Week On-Chain, the firm highlighted the risk of speculative selling on the horizon. Bitcoin short-term holders (STHs), who are more speculative investors, have returned to the spotlight this year. Their aggregate cost basis has recently formed wider BTC price support near $26,000. However, Glassnode warns that if BTC price continues to rise and STH-MVRV (market value to realized value) passes 1.2, the danger of profit-taking becomes real. The risk of market corrections tends to rise when this metric exceeds levels of between 1.2 and 1.4, as investors come into increasingly large unrealized profits. Additionally, Glassnode’s data shows that $25,000 represents “seller exhaustion,” suggesting that the recent lows near that level flushed out those looking to sell.

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