Bitcoin at $138K on Binance US. Why?

The price of Bitcoin has been increasing significantly since last Thursday, when BlackRock applied for a Bitcoin spot ETF. Since hitting a low of $24,819 along with the Tether FUD, the BTC price has risen by over 16% since the BlackRock news was announced. However, this is not the only news related to Bitcoin. Some Binance US users have reported that the Bitcoin price has hit an incredible price of over $138,000 on the exchange. The anomaly was shared on Twitter, and it can only be speculated what happened. The most likely explanation is an internal data glitch, but other reasons such as insufficient liquidity on the exchange are also conceivable. Against the theory of insufficient liquidity speaks the fact that the price is currently no longer displayed on Binance US. Meanwhile, pressure on Binance in the US could continue to mount, even though the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Binance US reached a tentative agreement last Friday. At press time, the Bitcoin price was at $28,859, breaking the downtrend that persisted since mid-April this year.

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