Binance.US to delist 100+ trading pairs by Thursday post SEC charges.

Binance.US has decided to remove over 100 trading pairs by June 8, days after the Securities and Exchange Commission sued Binance and its CEO.

Trading pairs are assets that can be traded for each other on an exchange, and those that will be removed include AAVE/USDT, SUSHI/USDT, POLYX/USDT, FLOW/USDT, ATOM/BTC, and HBAR/BUSD, among others.

The exchange said in a post on Wednesday that “Your assets remain safe and secure with Binance.US, and deposits and withdrawals continue to function as normal.”

The SEC’s crackdown

This announcement comes just days after the SEC sued Binance and its CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, over their “blatant disregard of the federal securities laws.”

The regulator alleged that Binance and BAM Trading, doing business as Binance.US, under Zhao’s leadership, were unlawfully operating as an exchange, broker-dealer, and a clearing agency without registering.

In addition, the SEC stated that Solana, Cardano, Polygon, among others, were labeled as securities in the complaint.

The agency also filed an emergency motion on Tuesday night to freeze the assets of Binance.US.

The SEC said it tried to ensure that investors’ assets would be custodied in the US and under the control of just BAM Trading, and not Binance and Zhao.

Binance.US tweeted on Tuesday night that customer assets are safe and secure and that the order would not freeze customer assets. “The SEC’s latest filing represents legal maneuvering rather than genuine concern for Binance.US customers and the safety of their assets,” Binance.US tweeted. “The SEC has shown in bringing this case, and countless others, that its true interest lies in political grandstanding and land grabbing, not in protecting consumers or allowing businesses to thrive in the US.”

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