Big Eyes token predicted to crash by 99%, potential token claim failure, and a possible Coffeezilla video in the near future.

The cryptocurrency known as Big Eyes coin was listed on Uniswap on Thursday at a price 88% lower than what the team had initially announced. The price of the $BIG token then dropped further, resulting in a 99% decrease in value. It is currently trading at approximately $0.000007.

When $BIG token was listed on Uniswap, it was priced at $0.0000743, a significant difference from the stated listing price of $0.0006. The presale for the token, which began in August 2022, had a stage one price of $0.0001.

Big Eyes Coin Holders Down 95%

Several holders of Big Eyes coin posted screenshots showing that they were down on their investment at the time of the Uniswap launch, with some losing as much as $25k of their initial investment.

Coffeezilla Investigation into Big Eyes Crypto Project?

One crypto influencer, Jacob Bury, questioned if the Big Eyes ICO was a scam and compared it to the kind of ‘rug pull’ that American YouTuber Stephen ‘Coffeezilla’ Findeisen would uncover.

As of now, Coffeezilla has not commented on the Big Eyes presale or its price crash since launching on crypto exchanges.

The $BIG token was listed on its first centralized exchange, Poloniex, on June 16th, and also launched its own DEX, Big Eyes Swap.

However, these additional listings have not helped the $BIG price recover.

Other influencers, including Crypto Ahoy and Carl Talks Crypto, have speculated that the Big Eyes crypto project may be connected to other rug pulls, including Firepin and Journart.

Why Did The Big Eyes Price Crash?

The Big Eyes team stated they had ‘liquidated the initial bots’ by selling some ‘funds’, that they would then add back into the liquidity.

This unusual announcement followed the requirement for traders to pay $100 to claim their tokens early, and an over six hour delay in launching.

Hundreds of comments were also left on the @BigEyesCoin Twitter page by holders were unable to claim their tokens, receiving a ‘nonce too low’ transaction error.

It appears that there was not enough liquidity provided from the outset, and at press time the liquidity is just $60k, with the market cap of Big Eyes token being approximately $1 million.

You can view the latest Big Eyes price chart on here.

We recommend investing carefully in new crypto projects and prioritizing those with public teams and a clear roadmap. You can find our review of two high potential options in our previous Big Eyes token post.

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