Atriv integrates Flare Layer-1 Blockchain for easy access to NFTs and art on their AI digital art design platform.

Artificial intelligence (AI) digital art platform Atriv has partnered with the Flare blockchain to offer the network Atriv’s no-code NFT platform. The aim of the partnership is to create a free market where collectors and digital artists can easily create art and tokenize their creations.

Atriv’s NFT platform uses artificial intelligence to stretch the possibilities of digital art, offering an all-encompassing and extensive tool to users. So far, the Atriv community includes users from all walks of life, including collectors, businesses, artists, and anyone needing to create and issue NFTs.

With the Flare partnership, Atriv is expanding its user base to include members of the Flare community. The AI art platform will integrate Flare to provide the Layer-1 blockchain with NFT capabilities. The partnership will offer a simple way for all creators to design and issue NFTs without technical knowledge. Also, since Flare utilizes cross-chain technology, users can mint an NFT and use other chains, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Doge, for payment.

Minting on Atriv is free. Users only need to pay the applicable gas fee on the corresponding network.

Atriv co-founder and CEO Abel Sebhatu said the partnership aims to revamp access to digital art by offering features attractive to the community. Sebhatu said:

“Our collaboration with Flare is a strategic decision driven by our shared vision of harnessing cutting-edge technology to reshape how digital art is created and shared. Flare’s data-centric Layer 1 blockchain offers the scalability, security, and seamless integration capabilities that we need to effectively serve our community. This partnership marks an exciting new chapter in our journey, and we look forward to playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of NFTs.”

Features Available on Atriv and Flare

Atriv uses natural language processing and machine learning to create original images following text-based instructions. NFT creation is also possible without any knowledge of coding. Furthermore, Atriv offers secure storage for all created or shared digital art via the IPFS protocol, allowing users to enjoy decentralized storage without fear of loss or censorship. In addition, users can take advantage of multi-chain integration to enjoy great features across multiple chains.

Through Flare’s State Connector, users can design and mint NFTs with trustless and secure protection provided by Flare smart contracts. The feature supports several solutions focusing on interoperability so that developers can also build multi- or cross-chain applications.

The State Connector culls information from several blockchains and transmits the data to Flare. Using a smart contract, the Connector then analyzes the received responses for a consensus before verifying the information for access. For instance, if payment is made on another network, the State Connector verifies the completion of payment before providing access to the NFT on Flare.

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