Arkansas Senator seeks to reverse controversial new crypto mining law

Arkansas Senator seeks to reverse controversial new crypto mining law

The Controversy Surrounding Arkansas’ “Right to Mine” Bitcoin Bill

In April 2023, Arkansas made history by becoming the first state to pass the ‘Right to Mine’ Bitcoin bill in both the House and Senate. This bill, however, has sparked controversy and encountered opposition due to its relaxed regulations on commercial crypto mining. While it aimed to promote economic growth and protect property rights, concerns have been raised about the potential negative impact of this legislation.

The Concerns about Loosening Restrictions

Reports have suggested that loosening restrictions on commercial cryptocurrency mining has raised concerns among residents. The new law has attracted large electricity-intensive crypto mines to Arkansas, which has caused worry about excessive power grid usage and potential strains on the local power infrastructure. Some areas have already received warnings of potential brownouts or blackouts due to increased energy consumption from these facilities.

Moreover, the legislation limits the authority of city governments to regulate crypto mines, effectively stripping them of their ability to enforce local ordinances concerning such operations. This has sparked controversy as it infringes on the autonomy of local jurisdictions and their ability to address concerns raised by their residents.

Rejected Crypto-Mining Facilities

In response to the controversial “Right to Mine” law, some towns in Arkansas have taken proactive steps to reject proposed crypto-mining facilities within their city limits. Vilonia and Harrison, for instance, have prevented the establishment of these facilities, citing concerns about the strain on the local power grid and the limited economic benefits they bring to the community.

Senator Bryan King, who has been critical of the bill, argues that crypto mines fail to provide substantial job opportunities or significant economic growth to the areas they operate in. He contends that facilities like those proposed by Green Digital, a company partially owned by the Chinese Communist Party, only employ a limited number of people and do not serve as economic boons to the communities.

Advocacy for the Mining Bill

On the other hand, Senator Joshua Bryant, the bill’s sponsor, supports and explains that the bill aims to protect property rights and stop the unfair treatment of crypto entrepreneurs. He argues that crypto miners are people living in Arkansas who invest money in the state’s infrastructure, help keep utility costs stable, and boost the local economy.


The “Right to Mine” Bitcoin bill in Arkansas has elicited mixed reactions and sparked controversy. While it aims to promote economic growth and protect property rights, concerns have been raised about the strain on the local power grid, limited economic benefits, and the infringement on the autonomy of local jurisdictions. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how the legislation will evolve and whether amendments or repeals will be introduced to address these concerns.

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