ARK Invest Continues Strategic Realignment: Selling Coinbase Shares and Adapting to Crypto Market Conditions

Investment firm Ark Invest continues to adjust its portfolio by selling $20.6 million worth of Coinbase shares in anticipation of Bitcoin ETF approval.

Ark Invest reduces Coinbase (COIN) shares by $20.6M for ETF rebalancing

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Renowned investment firm ARK Invest, led by the visionary Cathie Wood, has once again demonstrated its forward-thinking strategy by selling an additional $20.6 million worth of Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) shares across three of its Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). This divestiture follows closely on the heels of a previous sale of 166,183 COIN shares just days prior.

ARK ETFs Allocation Strategy

ARK Invest adheres to a smart allocation strategy wherein no individual stock should surpass a 10% weighting of an ETF’s value. As highlighted in a recent report, the latest offload comprised 133,823 COIN shares, reducing ARK’s exposure to the crypto exchange. This consistent divestment aligns with ARK’s target allocation strategy, especially considering that COIN more than doubled in price during the last quarter of 2023.

Currently, ARK’s Innovation ETF (ARKK) holds the largest share of Coinbase stock, with holdings exceeding $850 million. However, the recent sale has brought ARKK’s Coinbase weighting down to 10.04%, signaling a potential slowdown in sales from this specific ETF, unless there is another remarkable surge in Coinbase’s share price.

On the other hand, ARK’s Next Generation Internet (ARKW) and Fintech Innovation (ARKF) ETFs continue to hold fewer Coinbase shares, but their weightings remain higher at 10.37% and 13.41%, respectively. The diversified distribution of Coinbase shares across these ETFs allows ARK to adapt its holdings to the ever-evolving crypto market conditions.

The dynamic and adaptable approach to ETF rebalancing, combined with strategic investments in major tech stocks and constant engagement with regulatory authorities, exemplifies ARK Invest’s ability to stay ahead of the curve.

💡 Q: What is the significance of ARK Invest’s target allocation strategy?

A: ARK Invest’s target allocation strategy ensures that the firm diversifies its investments and mitigates risk by not allowing any individual stock, such as Coinbase, to dominate an ETF’s value. This approach ensures a balanced portfolio and aligns with ARK’s objective of adapting to market conditions.

💡 Q: How does ARK Invest determine which ETF holds the largest share of a specific stock?

A: ARK Invest determines the largest share of a specific stock by analyzing an ETF’s holdings in terms of monetary value. The ETF with the highest monetary value of shares will have the largest exposure to that particular stock.

Coinbase’s Remarkable Rally

Excitingly, Coinbase’s stock has experienced an impressive 89% rally in the past six months, currently trading around $153.98. This surge can be attributed to various updates, including the company’s expansion in Europe and its recent acquisition of a Virtual Asset Provider (VASP) license in France. This license empowers Coinbase to provide trading and custody services in the region, further enhancing its market presence.

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Moreover, Project Diamond, a platform supported by Coinbase for institutional tokenization and trading of real-world assets, is expected to contribute further to Coinbase’s value. Additionally, Coinbase anticipates more value appreciation following the potential approval of spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Many applicants, including industry giants like BlackRock Inc (NYSE: BLK), have named Coinbase as their preferred custodian for such products.

💡 Q: What is Project Diamond and how does it contribute to Coinbase’s value?

A: Project Diamond is a platform supported by Coinbase that facilitates the tokenization and trading of real-world assets for institutional investors. This initiative provides additional revenue opportunities for Coinbase and adds to the company’s overall value.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval Process

In recent weeks, firms seeking approval for spot Bitcoin ETFs have been engaging with the SEC to address concerns and meet regulatory requirements. The SEC has been vocal about its preference for a cash redemption model over the traditional in-kind model. Notable industry players, such as Grayscale Investments and BlackRock, have adjusted their strategies to comply with the SEC’s preference.

Key concerns raised by the SEC include the redemption model, disclosure of authorized participants, and protocols for handling potential hard forks in blockchain technology. Firms like Grayscale have clarified their positions on receiving tokens through hard forks or airdrops, ensuring alignment with SEC expectations.

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💡 Q: What is the difference between a cash redemption model and an in-kind model for ETFs?

A: In a cash redemption model, ETF shares are created or redeemed by paying or receiving cash. In contrast, in an in-kind model, participants create or redeem ETF shares by delivering or receiving a basket of underlying securities.

💡 Q: What are the key concerns addressed by firms seeking spot Bitcoin ETF approval from the SEC?

A: The key concerns addressed by firms seeking spot Bitcoin ETF approval from the SEC include the redemption model, disclosure of authorized participants, and protocols for handling potential hard forks in blockchain technology.


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