Apple removes malicious Trezor app from App Store.

Apple’s App Store has removed a malicious app that was pretending to be the crypto hardware wallet Trezor. However, there are still other fake apps on the store. Rafael Yakobi, Managing Partner at Crypto Lawyers, posted a security alert on June 20th, warning that the first search result for “Trezor” on the App Store was a malicious app designed to steal cryptocurrency. Yakobi alerted Apple users that the fake “Trezor Wallet Suite” app would request their seed phrase, potentially allowing the app’s operators to steal all of their cryptocurrency. Cointelegraph searched the US version of the App Store and could not find the malicious app referenced by Yakobi. However, a search for “Trezor Wallet Suite” returned another potentially nefarious application called “MyTREZŌR Suite: One Edition.” It only had two reviews, both of which were warnings that the app is a scam that will steal cryptocurrency.

Apple maintains that apps available on its official App Store have been vetted and cleared for security purposes. Nevertheless, fake wallet apps on Apple’s App Store are nothing new. In 2021, one user reportedly lost $600,000 in Bitcoin after downloading a malicious Trezor app from the App Store. The safest way to download mobile applications for crypto wallets is from the manufacturers’ official website, despite there being an app available for Trezor users on iOS. It is merely a companion app with limited functionality.

According to Apple news outlet, the company is not very friendly with crypto apps, which are only supposed to be approved under strict circumstances. The outlet noted that even Apple cannot keep the App Store free of scams, despite the company saying that the store is a place people can trust.

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