Amboss introduces LINER Index for Lightning Network enterprise adoption.

Amboss, a provider of data analytics for the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN), has introduced an innovative index called LINER (Lightning Network Rate). This index is designed to measure bitcoin returns on the Lightning Network and showcase its potential for low-risk enterprise yield. Similar to traditional finance’s LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate), LINER serves as a benchmark interest rate for bitcoin without credit risk. The index aims to provide an alternative for enterprises seeking exposure to bitcoin while avoiding the credit risk associated with CeFi yield platforms.

Jesse Shrader, co-founder and CEO of Amboss, said, “By communicating real yield rates from bitcoin held on the LN, enterprises will recognize the strategic error in trusting CeFi yield platforms while capturing the benefits of payment network disruption that is decades overdue.” Nik Bhatia, creator of The Bitcoin Layer, praised LINER as a first-of-its-kind reference rate derived from the Lightning Network, contributing to the establishment of unmanipulated money markets independent of a central authority.

Amboss also operates Magma, a marketplace facilitating the buying and selling of Lightning channels, enabling bitcoin holders to earn BTC from opening Lightning channels to various destinations. LINER comprises two insightful metrics: LINER Cost and LINER Yield, which provide enterprises with valuable insights into the lightning market. These metrics allow for comparisons between LINER Cost and traditional payment card fees, empowering large bitcoin holders to make informed decisions regarding their bitcoin holdings.

With LINER, Amboss aims to encourage enterprise adoption of the Lightning Network by demonstrating the cost savings and low-risk yield potential offered by Lightning-enabled payment infrastructure. The index provides a clear incentive for large bitcoin holders to utilize self-custodial strategies and earn higher returns while minimizing risk.

Interested parties can access more information about Amboss and LINER by checking out the overview and

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