AI deepfakes raise ‘serious and urgent’ concerns, says UN report.

The United Nations has warned that AI-generated media poses a “serious and urgent” threat to information integrity, particularly on social media. In a report released on June 12, the UN claimed that the risk of disinformation online has increased due to “rapid advancements in technology, such as generative artificial intelligence,” and specifically highlighted deepfakes as a concern. The UN stated that false information and hate speech generated by AI are presented to users as fact, which was demonstrated by an AI-generated image and fake news report of an explosion near the Pentagon briefly causing the S&P 500 to dip last month. The UN called for AI stakeholders to address the spread of false information and take “urgent and immediate” action to ensure the responsible use of AI. The report will inform a U.N. Code of Conduct for Information Integrity on Digital Platforms.

On June 13, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and Conservative Party politician William Hague released a report on AI, suggesting that the governments of the UK, the US and “other allies” should “push for a new UN framework on urgent safeguards.” Blair and Hague said that the arrival of AI “could present the most substantial policy challenge ever faced” due to its “unpredictable development” and “ever-increasing power.”

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