22 million CHANCER tokens sold in hours during Chancer presale.

The Chancer token presale has begun and more than 22 million CHANCER tokens have been sold within hours, raising $214k and marking the start of a new era for the betting industry. The price of $CHANCER during the first stage of presale is $0.01, but it will rise to $0.021 by the end of stage 12. The $CHANCER token will be used for general platform engagement and validator nodes.

Despite a recent downturn in cryptocurrency markets, investors are excited about Chancer, a new decentralized betting platform. The presale’s stage 1 phase began yesterday and more than 6.5 million tokens were sold quickly. Chancer is being developed as the world’s first social predictive markets platform, built on the Binance Smart Chain network. It offers a decentralized approach to betting and prediction markets, with users in control of their bets.

The $CHANCER token will power the Chancer platform, and holders will use it to create bets for almost any event with determinable outcomes. Unlike traditional betting platforms or existing crypto prediction markets, Chancer does not act as the “house”. Instead, individual members of the community create markets for events, set the rules, and leverage smart contracts for rewards.

Chancer will have a total supply of 1.5 billion tokens, with 65% available to investors in 12 presale stages. The tokenomics and utilities of the $CHANCER token include autonomy in creating betting markets, rewards and winnings, and staking. A Share2Earn model will also see users benefit when they promote the markets they create to friends and the wider community. Chancer validator nodes will help ensure network security and full decentralization.

Is the Chancer presale a good investment?

A presale is an opportunity for retail buyers to buy tokens at discounted prices before the public launch. Savvy investors have been looking for promising token presales.

However, investors should note that the Chancer platform is still in development and the success of the presale will depend on a working product. Cryptocurrencies are also highly volatile and unpredictable, and the success of the tokens when they go live on exchanges in Q3 may depend on overall market conditions.

Chancer has outlined a betting model that could revolutionize the betting industry. Its decentralized approach, which removes the “house” model, and the growing interest in Web3 social betting could establish Chancer as the go-to destination for predictive markets.

This scenario could be great for CHANCER token holders, as demand for the native utility token could increase its price.

What is the price of CHANCER?

The current price of $CHANCER is $0.010, and the protocol plans to raise $1 million from 100,000,000 tokens. The price of CHANCER will increase during the presale, with the final stage seeing the token priced at $0.021 before it launches to the public in Q3 2023. Users can purchase $CHANCER using BNB or BUSD (BEP20).

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