20% of French workers are interested in receiving their salary in cryptocurrency, according to a survey.

A survey has found that 20% of French workers would like to receive all or part of their salaries in crypto.

The survey was conducted by Payfit, a French payroll software provider, and reported by Cointribune, a French media outlet.

The survey results showed that 20% of French respondents preferred receiving remuneration in crypto instead of fiat salaries.

Amaury Lelong, the CEO of Payfit, expressed difficulty in interpreting the reason behind the preference for crypto salaries.

Which Groups of French Workers Want to Get Paid in Crypto?

The figure was even higher among younger respondents, with 31% of those aged 18 to 35 expressing favorability towards receiving their salaries in crypto.

Male respondents seemed to be more interested in crypto salaries, with almost a quarter expressing their desire for it.

The data also revealed that employees in larger companies were less open to the idea of receiving crypto salaries, with over 80% of those working in companies with over 500 employees rejecting the notion.

In addition, 79% of individuals in the CSP+ demographic, which typically includes business owners, doctors, lawyers, and company executives, stated that they did not want to be paid in crypto.

Lelong pondered:

“Is this generation fully aware of the risks of volatility inherent in this type of asset?”

However, the CEO claimed that these statistics reflected a broader “upheaval” in the relationship between work and finance. He stated:

“It is a fact that the world of work is undergoing unprecedented change that is linked to technological, societal, and environmental developments. Since the arrival on the labor market of the Millennials and then of the digital natives, we have observed a marked change in the relationship people have toward work. And, more generally, we have seen a change in the role that work plays in people’s lives.”

Regardless, crypto adoption seems to be rapidly increasing in France.

Some attribute this to inflation affecting the national economy, leading some individuals to turn to crypto.

Earlier this month, several major shopping malls in the country announced that they would accept crypto as a form of payment.

This year, crypto traders in France reported approximately $448 million worth of crypto-related profits.

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