16 tips for refining marketing messages in blockchain companies

16 tips for refining marketing messages in blockchain companies

Blockchain Marketing Strategies: Attracting and Landing Potential Clients

In recent years, blockchain technology has gained significant attention and recognition in the global marketplace. As a result, blockchain businesses are now tasked with refining and sharing their marketing messages to attract and land potential clients. However, unlike service companies in other industries, blockchain leaders face the challenge of marketing a service that B2B clients may find intriguing but don’t fully understand.

To help blockchain companies improve their marketing strategies and effectively communicate the benefits of their services, members of the Cointelegraph Innovation Circle have shared valuable tips. These insights provide valuable guidance for blockchain businesses looking to navigate the complex landscape of marketing within the industry.

Put Yourself in the User’s Shoes

One of the key challenges in the blockchain industry is its technical nature, which often requires significant effort for businesses to implement solutions. Therefore, it is crucial for blockchain companies to understand the perspective of potential clients and solve their problems. By putting themselves in the user’s shoes, blockchain companies can develop solutions that can be easily deployed and address the specific needs of businesses.

Seek to Understand Potential Clients’ Challenges

To effectively market blockchain technologies, it is essential to understand the challenges faced by potential clients and demonstrate how blockchain solutions can solve these challenges. By pitching the key value that blockchain projects can bring to businesses, companies can showcase the practical benefits of their services. Starting with an experimental program before scaling it allows for data-driven outcomes that speak for themselves.

Meet Potential Clients in Their Comfort Zone

While the crypto ecosystem is vibrant and exciting, it can also be overwhelming for businesses unfamiliar with the industry. Common features and industry jargon can alienate potential clients, pushing them towards more traditional solutions. To bridge this gap, it is important to meet each participant in their comfort zone before moving the conversation forward. This approach allows for a gradual introduction to blockchain technology and ensures a better understanding of its potential benefits.

Develop a Streamlined Pilot Program

Assuming a blockchain company has a product with a unique selling proposition, it is crucial to focus on developing a streamlined pilot program. This program should be practical, implementable, and “hands-free” for the target company. By allowing potential clients to utilize the program and assess its viability and efficiency, companies can showcase the tangible benefits and operational improvement that their blockchain solutions can bring.

Seek Coverage in Prestigious News Publications

Creating brand awareness is essential for blockchain companies, and seeking coverage in prestigious news publications can significantly contribute to building credibility. When potential clients search for a blockchain company, impressive media coverage can leave a lasting impression. Therefore, blockchain businesses should strive to generate as much brand awareness as possible through media coverage in top-tier publications.

Produce Educational Content

To promote scalability, integration, and understanding of blockchain technology, companies should invest in producing educational content. This can include webinars, blogs, white papers, and videos that provide a simplified summary of blockchain technology. Highlighting the advantages of blockchain for companies and providing real-world examples of its application can help potential clients grasp the potential value of blockchain solutions.

Build a Brand Around Your Values

Differentiation is crucial in a space where projects often try to cater to everyone. By building a brand around specific values, blockchain companies can position themselves strategically. It is essential to be clear about the core mission and the specific change the company aims to bring to the world. If this cannot be conveyed in a concise sentence, it becomes challenging to convince potential clients of the company’s value.

Create a Compelling Narrative About Blockchain

Simplicity is key when it comes to explaining complex concepts like blockchain. Blockchain companies should translate the intricacies of blockchain into a language that businesses can understand. By using a compelling narrative, companies can demonstrate how blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrencies and can be a missing piece of the puzzle for exponential growth and innovation.

Showcase Tangible Business Value

In a rapidly evolving landscape, it is crucial for blockchain companies to showcase tangible business value. Highlighting real-world use cases, emphasizing scalability and security, and fostering collaborative partnerships can help build trust and drive adoption among businesses seeking innovative solutions. By demonstrating the practical benefits of blockchain technology, companies can attract potential clients and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Make Complex Tech Understandable

To improve B2B marketing, blockchain companies should focus on making complex technology understandable. This can be achieved by highlighting unique value propositions, sharing relatable case studies, and demonstrating how blockchain solutions solve specific industry issues, ultimately increasing efficiency and profitability. It’s important to show rather than just tell potential clients about the benefits of blockchain technology.

Highlight Blockchain’s Transparency

Blockchain technology inherently enables transparency through immutable record-keeping, which builds trust between B2B partners. By highlighting the fact that blockchain-based solutions provide smart contracts, factual data, and a clear audit trail, companies can develop a rapport with potential clients. This transparency can be a key selling point in the marketing strategy of blockchain businesses.

Make Sure You Have a Very Specific Value Proposition

In a post-ICO boom era, it is critical for blockchain companies to have a clear and specific value proposition that differentiates them from the competition. Prospective clients need to understand precisely what problem the company is solving and why their product is the must-have solution. Laser-focused value propositions are essential to attract potential clients and communicate the unique benefits of blockchain solutions.

Understand B2B Buying Behaviors

To convert B2B prospects, blockchain companies must have a deep understanding of their target audience and their buying behaviors. B2B decision-makers prioritize efficiency and facts over emotion, seeking results and expertise. To effectively market blockchain technologies, companies should leverage thought leadership, educational content, public relations, and partnerships with positive brand associations.

Share Successful Case Studies and Testimonials

Developing educational content that explains blockchain benefits, use cases, and integration strategies is crucial for effective marketing. Blockchain companies should showcase successful case studies and testimonials to build credibility and demonstrate real-world impact. Collaborating with existing enterprise tech providers to integrate and complement their solutions can further enhance the marketing strategy. Additionally, offering pilots or trial programs can showcase the value and feasibility of blockchain solutions.

Explain Industry Terms in Plain Language

To effectively communicate the benefits of blockchain to potential clients, it is crucial to explain industry terms in plain language. Blockchain companies should aim for basic, gut-level understanding rather than hiding behind technical jargon that may confuse clients. Clarifying terms like the double-spend problem, immutability, data availability, and decentralization in simple terms can help potential clients grasp the value of blockchain solutions.

Engage Web2-Focused Marketing Agencies

Blockchain projects can benefit from engaging Web2-focused marketing professionals and agencies. These experts have existing connections with major brands and actively seek to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. By exploring opportunities such as non-fungible token revenues and token gating, blockchain companies can enhance their clients’ marketing strategies and tap into the potential of Web3.

In conclusion, effective marketing strategies are essential for blockchain companies seeking to attract and land potential clients. By putting themselves in the user’s shoes, understanding clients’ challenges, and communicating the tangible business value of blockchain solutions, companies can differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Through educational content, a compelling narrative, and showcasing successful case studies, blockchain businesses can build credibility and trust. By explaining industry terms in plain language and engaging Web2-focused marketing agencies, companies can effectively bridge the gap between blockchain technology and potential clients.

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